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International Composition and Songwriting Contest

with the Lilia Bloom Award, the Femfestival flies from Florence to New York


This edition, realized under the Patronage of the City of Florence and with the support and collaboration of Barry and Lilia Bloom, is a call for scores for a cappella vocal group and is divided into two categories: classical and pop each with its own Jury and award: the Femfestival 2023 Prize and the Lilia Bloom 2023 Prize. 

The Pop category of the competition will have a remarkably special Jury President: Les Bider!

The final concerts and the Award Ceremony will take place on November 25th in Florence at Murate District (classical category) and on November 27th in New York at Lincoln Center (pop category) with the presentation of the Lilia Bloom Award.

Deadline for sending scores extended to September 30th

All the information can be found in the notice. For any questions please contact Femfestival staff directly at: femfestival@amatlab.com


The Unconventional Singers, Amat’s international group, will perform the songs at both events.

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    The Femfestival, now in its third edition, is an Amat international project that speaks of multidisciplinarity and dialogue, aimed at the dissemination and enhancement of women’s contribution in the world in the cultural field.


    After the first two editions, which focused exclusively on women composers, Amat is broadening its horizons to include male contributions as well, always in keeping with the Femfestival’s vocation as a search for harmony between genders and as an opportunity to valorise the work of women.

    This time, men are also called to strive for the elimination of gender barriers, for a more equal and supportive society, via creative thinking and music.

    ED Certification

    Amat holds the ED Certificate of Equivalency for donations from the United States. The ED Certificate is NGOsource’s legal document documenting that a specific NGO is certified as equivalent to a US public charity according to the IRS ED standards.

    Femfestival goals

    • Building a global and multicultural network
    • Enhanced collaboration between genres
    • Personal and artistic growth of female musicians


    • International Composers Competition

    • Amat Hub Competition with Audience Award

    • Online and offline activities

    Winners of the Competition "Women Composers' 2021 and 2022

    2022 - First place

    Ingrid Stölzel, Mondspiel

    2021 - First Place, A Category

    Shibert Larisa, The Space

    2021 - First Place, B Category

    Hsu Chia-yu, EC Sketches 

    Complete ranking 2022

    1) Ingrid Stölzel – Mondspiel

    In a Tie

    2) Bracha Bdil – Heterophonia 

    2) Akari Komura – Glistening Ray (kintsugi) 

    Amat Hub

    • Kaiyi Kao – Jinzhe

    Complete ranking 2021

    Categoria A:
    1) Shibert Larisa – The space 
    2) Maeng Sara – Cosmos 

    In a Tie
    3) Mozhgan Chahian – Hoordokht 
    3) Yue Song – Who would have the courage to carry such a heavy past with us? 

    Categoria B:
    1) Hsu Chia-yu – EC Sketches 
    2) Arditto Cecilia – A propos of measuring a mobil
    3) Gambelli Francesca – In this short life

    Premio Speciale Orchestra (for the piece that the orchestra found most interesting, both technically and expressively): Mozhgan Chahian.

    Amat Hub

    • Corinne Latteur – Lockdown
    • Simona Iuorio – Alice’s dreamy memories 

    The femfestival and competition artistic team

    Francesca Lazzeroni

    mezzo-soprano, choir conductor, composer of choral music

    Concetta Anastasi

    composer, pianist, orchestra and choir conductor, teacher at the L. Cherubini Conservatory in Florence

    Barbara Rettagliati

    composer, pianist, teacher at the L. Cherubini Conservatory in Florence.

    Web Site

    Costanza Renai

    soprano, teacher at the Accademia Musicale di Firenze

    Jury for the Women Composers Competition 2021 and 2022

    Concetta Anastasi


    Caterina Calderoni


    Linda Dusman


    Ekaterina Kozhevnikova, Presidente della Giuria


    Katharina Nohl


    Adeline Wong


    Karola Obermuller
    USA – Germany


    Chia Yu Hsu 
    USA – Taiwan


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