About Amat - AMAT

It’s time for cultural innovation.

We are a cultural enterprise that organizes musical and theatrical live shows, meetings and digital initiatives, didactive events, experiential and interactive performances, involving a wide audience, live and on digital platforms.

Amat collects the contribution of different collaborators with a long experience in culture and performative arts. From this professional experience, we want to create an innovative and dynamic reality, enhancing the richness of tradition while adopting a flexible creative style, in dialogue with youth and contemporary culture.

Aware of art’s potentialities in creating bonds and arousing emotions, we want to create a peaceful and supportive work environment, where everyone can collaborate and express themselves freely. Our aim is to generate an economically and socially sustainable culture, offering interaction and global access to our cultural and artistic proposals.

Our values

  • Innovation
  • Quality and professionality
  • Affordability
  • Collaboration
  • Inclusion
  • Participation
  • Sustainability

What is communication for Amat?

Communication is an essential part of Amat’s identity. 

It is an activity with different meanings, and above all it means interactionWe want to create a relationship not only with the professionals we work with, but also with those who follow and support us. Interaction implies the exchange of ideas and proposals, which is precisely also Amat’s goal: to create a community through which initiatives and shows can be carried out in collaboration. In this way, the “fourth wall” between the stage and the audience becomes an open door.

It also means simplification. We want to highlight the richness of art and music with an accessible language and an easy, user friendly approach to artistic content, also through current digital means. 

Last but not least, communication means evolution: keeping up with contemporary language. We also realize dynamic and multimedia events, always combining it with the cultural dissemination.

Orchestral teachers

Outstanding professionals who form the core of the Amat orchestra; many of them are also Amat Lab tutors. Discover the bios

Opera artists

Eight artists devote themselves to opera in commissioned concerts and Amat projects.

Communication experts

Lucia Ciciriello | Communication strategist

Martina Bandieri | Content strategist

Claudio Giovani | Content creator

Sonia Girardi | Content creator

Francesca Lazzeroni - Project management and administration

I am the founder and general manager of Amat. My dedication to this cultural enterprise is driven by my passion for music and the pleasure of playing and singing with my colleagues and companions of this adventure.

I’ve been studying music since I was a child, first the piano, then opera singing, choir conducting and choral composition. My first love is the “instrument” voice, in all its expressions: lyrical, modern, soloist, in ensemble, choral. 

Soon I began, almost for fun, to organize musical projects and became passionate about this activity, especially because it gave me the opportunity to meet many people, to study, learn and grow in several areas, collaborating with different social realities and cultural institutions. I continued working on Musical Entrepreneurship at the La Scala Academy (Accademia Teatro alla Scala) in Milan, where I confirmed myself that this activity would always have accompanied the artistic one. 


All this led me, in 2017, to the founding of Amat, into which I have poured all that drive, experience and gained knowledge. I am deeply convinced, in fact, that the strength of cultural enterprise lies in the beauty of the contents conveyed and in the human relationships it is able to build. I believe that a dynamic cultural business should not be just a way of self-sustaining, but should also increase its values and the ability to create material and non-material wealth for the society.

Concetta Anastasi - Artistic direction

I was born a musician. I’m not kidding. When I was 4 years old, after hearing a short piano piece, I went home convinced that someday that would be me! 

And that’s exactly what happened: first pianist, then composer, orchestral and choral conductor, moving through studies from Naples, Pescara, Rome, and Siena, to name a few. I have been teaching for many years in the Italian Conservatories and after wandering in many different regions and locations from south to north, I finally stopped in Florence at the “Luigi Cherubini” Conservatory, where I have been teaching choir conducting and choral composition since 2002. 

I started writing music at the age of 16; first for piano, then, encouraged by the lively artistic environment of Naples of my youth, for the most varied formations, until I reached the opera. Orchestral conducting is another passion of mine. How I got to my first conducting course is a long story and who knows, perhaps one day I will tell you…

I have been carrying out Unconventional artistic projects with Francesca for years, we have been staging operas, theatrical and musical events, with a contamination of styles and eras. Being an active part of Amat means giving value and substance to our visionary ideas. We work for people to recognize the proper place of art and culture in the growth and wellbeing of humanity.

Creating and sharing music is an intangible product, which aims on enhancing the quality of life of the participants in both its construction and its reception.

Costanza Renai - Public relations

Singing and making music has always been my passion, a hobby and a consolation on grey days. During the third year of middle school, while holding my guitar I sang for the first time in front of a real audience. I loved it! I continued to do it for pleasure until I realised that I wanted to discover more about this mysterious instrument that is the voice, and so my first meeting with opera was a thunderbolt. 

After a year of lessons at my local school, I prepared for admission to the Conservatory and the dream became reality! My training continued between Florence and Rome, trying to learn and make my own the secrets of the “big ones”. I have always had an idea: to combine artistic and teaching activities. Teaching gives you the opportunity to create a deep connection with others and it is a unique opportunity to enrich each other. 

Being an opera singer today is a challenge, that is to be able to involve a wide audience, beyond the “experts”, to conquer it also thanks to the possibility that music offers to innovate and contaminate itself. The meeting with Francesca Lazzeroni took place at school, or rather in the scenic arts classroom, and over the years we have consolidated a fellowship that is not only musical. Being part of Amat today is therefore the continuation of something started a long time ago, with the desire to get involved and experience languages able to communicate today’s society.

The partners.
They call themselves ‘The Triton‘: three very different and complementary contributions, a human and professional partnership based on trust, mutual support and collaboration. These are the members of Amat S.r.l. Social Enterprise