About Amat - AMAT

We are a cultural enterprise dealing with music; a dynamic reality that wants to enhance tradition and, at the same time, wishes to establish a dialogue with contemporary culture with a view to cultural innovation.

Our mission is the dissemination of the musical heritage handed down by tradition with an innovative approach, based on communication, new technologies and the involvement of the public, especially the youngest.
For us, communication is above all interaction: thanks to our community, that fourth wall between stage and audience becomes an open door. 

Aware of the potential of music to create bonds and arouse emotions, we share our artistic experience with  an audience as wide as possible. We perform symphony concerts, operas and musical theatre performances; we organise training courses, competitions, workshops, experiential and interactive events, both live and on digital platforms. 

Our team consists of many professionals who have long been active in the world of culture and the performing arts, as well as technicians, communication experts, legal and business consultants. 

Our Values

  • innovation
  • quality and professionalism
  • affordability
  • collaboration and inclusion 
  • sustainability
Amat is a charitable organization approved for USA charitable contributions

Amat’s activities are supported with contributions from:

  • Mrs Lilia Bloom and Mr Barry Bloom
  • Ministry of Culture
  • Monte dei Paschi di Siena Foundation
  • Regione Toscana

Amat Members

They call themselves ‘The Triton’:
three very different and complementary contributions, a human and professional partnership based on trust, mutual support and collaboration.

The operating team

Amat’s team is carachterised by mutual sharing and cooperation, it is a real team, made up of different artists, technicians and specialists. 

Orchestra Professors

They are the pillars of the Unconventional Orchestra and the tutors of the young musicians participating in the Amat Lab training programme.

Opera Cast

Amat artists perform in opera productions,
concerts and musical performances.