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Amat for you offers customized audio-video services for all musicians, from brainstorming to recording unpublished songs.

Amat has developed different services designed especially for musicians who need to create professional audio-video products for online auditions and/or professional promotion.

Each musician has his own needs and personality, for this reason we offer support in all phases of the realization: from the definition of the idea and the image to disseminate, until the final realization of the audio-video product. 

It is possible to choose the entire set of services or even a single one.

Brainstorming and consulting on the musician's brand identity

The Amat For You Team supports the musician since the first step of the professional path: the definition of the artist’s brand identity, in order to develop a coherent and recognizable personal branding in each video produced.

The brainstorming phases focus on the identity of the professional figure and the definition of the characteristics of the video to be made, with the guidance of an expert in video communication and a director.

Audio Service

One of the fundamental needs of musicians is a quality audio recording of their performances.

This is where our audio service offered by Amat’s sound design professionals comes from.

Audio-video Service

Our cameramen are available to make customized videos, offering full technical support: from audio-video shooting, to editing, to the final editing. 

We produce both promotional videos and videos for auditions and competitions, with the standard features required by the institutions.

We also make live streaming videos for online auditions.

Video Editing

The audio-visual service we offer is completed with the editing of the filming and the final editing of the products, available for immediate use.

Execution and recording of unreleased songs

Amat turns the sheets of paper that often remain in composers' drawers into music.

In many cases musicians have excellent unpublished compositions to submit but do not have the orchestral and vocal ensembles to perform them.

For this reason, Amat For You offers to the composers an orchestra, chamber ensembles and vocal groups for the audio or audio-video recording of unpublished pieces, made with the professional technical means of Amat.

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