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The femfestival

Creativity is feminine.

With this project, a group of women artists decided to take care of other women, in order to help them to overcome the difficulties regarding the access to the job route, ideas and social independence.

Our goal? To foster a CREATIVE REBIRTH.

The main activity of the femfestival is the international “Women composers” competition.


With a new and dynamic approach, Amat wants to erose the generational barriers: we want to disseminate the musical culture, especially among the youngest creating innovative realities.

Among these realities we have the Unconventional Project, with the two main musical groups, la UnO (Unconventional Orchestra) and the Unconventional Singers, la Compagnia della Piuma that creates musical theatre performances with a contemporary twist, Amat Lab an artistic workshop for young artists and Amat Cult, the project aimed at enhancing and disseminating the traditional musical repertoire.

AMAT, what about us?

We are a cultural enterprise that organizes musical and theatrical live shows, meetings and digital initiatives, didactive events, experiential and interactive performances, involving a wide audience, live and on digital platforms.

Support AMAT​

Support AMAT’s activities with a donation to contribute to the dissemination and safeguard of musical culture, especially among the youngest. Every contribution, even the smallest, will be useful. You can choose whether to support the general institutional activity of Amat, or one of the following specific projects:

Amat Lab – a project for the professional growth of young artists and their entry into the world of work.

Unconventional Project – a project with an innovative approach that combines new technologies with traditional musical culture, aimed at young audiences.

Femfestival – an International composition festival, aimed at overcoming the gender gap, promoting multiculturalism and sharing. 

Compagnia della Piuma – a project oriented towards the experimentation and contamination of styles and eras, in order to disseminate the culture of musical theatre through new formats.

Amat Cult – a project for the enhancement of the traditional repertoire. We stage opera and symphonic performances, organise competitions for young talents and collaborate with local cultural institutions.

Are you a business or VAT registered in Tuscany?

You can support Amat by accessing the Regional Art Bonus and get more tax benefits with a tax credit equal to the 40% of the amount of your donation.


Support the Femfestival project and apply for the tax relief: 

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