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AMAT inaugurates in Siena the training course for musical theatre professions, as part of Regeneration opera, a highly innovative project aimed at young people, financed by the Monte dei Paschi di Siena Foundation within the RESET 2021 project.

The aim is to renew both the cultural proposal and the audience within the so-called “strong” music sector, to quote Quirino Principe, i.e. of tradition.

Three Departments

The project is divided into 3 departments, orchestra, technologies and communication, and offers workshop training, professionally oriented and based on direct experience on the field with the support of professionals.

The Labs will end with 3 musical productions to be performed at the Teatro dei Rinnovati in Siena and other locations provided by the project partners.

Main goals


Target audience

The addresses of the project are young people between the ages of 15 and 35 years who wish to deepen their skills and gain orientation in specific fields such as orchestration, new audio-visual technologies and cultural communication.


The workshops of the three departments take place on weekends from Friday to Sunday. Classes will start in September 2022.

Registrations are now open!

Classes will start in September 2022

The Orchestra workshop will be followed by New Technologies and finally by Innovative Communication. Three steps for a single, complete training course.



The orchestral training Lab is intended to complete the academic career of young musicians under 35, thanks to real on-the-job training alongside the leading members of Amat’s Unconventional Orchestra, as well as participation in real musical productions at Siena’s Teatro dei Rinnovati.

The orchestra’s rehearsals will take place inside the Museum Complex of Santa Maria della Scala in Siena and, in part, inside the Teatro dei Rinnovati in Siena.


The programme consists of reading the repertoire, studying orchestral passages, section rehearsals, ensemble rehearsals and the staging of concerts and musical performances with a final execution.

Students will gain direct experience of a real professional orchestra, supported in their growth by Amat tutors. As they deepen and perfect their repertoire, they study some of the orchestral passages required in auditions and hone their ensemble music skills.

Didactics and scheduling

The programme is divided into three different workshop itineraries according to repertoire and type of musical production, always under the guidance of an expert director and with the presence of qualified tutors. The complete training programme includes attendance at all three workshop courses; however, the courses are free-standing and it is possible to choose to attend only one or two of them. 


Knowledge of the technique of the chosen instrument, reading skills and inclination for ensemble music. 



The New Technologies Lab is divided into four courses: light design, sound design, video-making and digital crafts, this latter carried out in collaboration with the Fab Lab of the Santa Chiara Lab in Siena. The aim of the New Technology courses is to train young people to be able to produce complete products using different languages and technologies, with a focus on live performance and some supporting digital products.



The Innovative Communication Lab offers cultural, practical and strategic preparation for young people interested in communication. The changes in the fruition in the classical music sector require a cross-cultural approach to the profession, which involves the creation of new storytelling, innovative methods of dissemination, creativity and the use of high-impact digital products, to attract especially the younger audience.

Each training itinerary is designed to offer the basic skills in each specific area while working in close connection and coordination with the others, for the realisation of the live performances and the final digital products. It also provides an insight into the different and new career possibilities related to the cultural and musical world, integrated with the digital and social world.

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Organisation referents

Concetta Anastasi: concert and orchestra conducting
Lucia Maggi: tutor assistant to the conductor
Giuseppe Alessio D’Inverno: tutor orchestra coordinator (strings)
Mattia Giovannini: tutor orchestra coordinator (winds and percussion)
Costanza Renai: project coordination
Francesca Lazzeroni: project direction


Sonia Girardi – mail:

Mattia Giovannini –  cell: 3382976350