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Our artistic team is available for civil and religious ceremonies, parties and private events with an assorted repertoire ranging from classical to pop. Please contact us beforehand to set the date and choose the musical programme for your event.

We offer several types of programme, depending on location and requirements. We create tailor-made events for our customers: you can shape it according to your liking.

tailor-made design

Thanks to its experienced artistic team, Amat is able to design the perfect event together with the customer, tailored to specific needs.

The ensemble ranges from solo instruments (violins, flute, guitar, etc.) to different chamber, instrumental and vocal ensembles (trio, quartet, quintet, etc.).

With our guidance, you can choose the most suitable repertoire and programme for ceremonies and events.

The ensembles

Unconventional Singers

The Unconventional Singers are an original and well-matched group of opera singers, able to perform any kind of repertoire, reinterpreting it with contemporary eyes and a touch of irony.

Madrigals, opera, musicals, operettas, with diversions into film music and pop: they never hold back. On the contrary, they raise the challenge with an artistic proposal that aims to reach out to audiences and spread the word.

Unconventional Wind Quintet

The wind quintet is one of the chamber ensembles of the Amat Unconventional Orchestra. It performs together with the symphony orchestra and, separately, in chamber concerts, covering a repertoire ranging from the 17th to the 20th century.

Unconventional String Quartet

The string quartet is composed of soloists from the Amat orchestra. It performs a varied repertoire ranging from baroque to contemporary music.

Some of our most successful concerts

Lasciatemi cantare

A tribute to the all-time Italian voices

A vocal journey through Italian music, from its beginnings to the present day. The Unconventional Singers reinterpret the history of music in a spirited and brilliant show, unusual and full of surprises.

The group takes the audience through the centuries, in a whirl of colours, styles and epochs, giving a light-hearted and ironic taste of Italian vocal music from the 16th century to the present day: from Monteverdi to Celentano, passing through the opera of Rossini, Verdi, Puccini, the musical and the operetta.

Ensemble: Vocal group, piano.

Corazon Malherido

Gypsy melodies

The Unconventional Singers offer an evening of gypsy tones, flamenco melodies and tango rhythms, all accompanied by the instrument that is the symbol of Spanish culture, the Guitarra. 

The music of Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco’s Romancero Gitano, with its warm and refined atmospheres, is combined with the intense popular melodies of Garcia Lorca and the canciones of Heitor Villa-Lobos.

Ensemble: vocal group, guitar, conductor

Spritz & Songs

Lightness and bubbles

The Unconventional Singers perform songs harmonised for a cappella voices, mainly from the repertoire of the 30s, 50s and 60s, later becoming famous and part of contemporary pop culture.

The group, made up entirely of opera singers, entertains the audience with a light national and international repertoire, from ethnic music to film music, from the rock of the Beach Boys to the melodies of the Musical. The perfect repertoire to be enjoyed with a drink.

Ensemble: Vocal group

Una serata con l'opera italiana

The most beautiful overtures and opera arias

A selection of compositions from the great opera repertoire: from Rossini to Verdi, from Donizetti to Puccini. Overtures, arias, duets and concertos take the audience into the magic of Italian opera.

Ensemble: wind quintet/piano, four opera singers

Dal palcoscenico al grande schermo

Concert for wind quintet

Our wind quintet will take you on an imaginary musical journey through the most famous themes of Italian and foreign opera, to the unforgettable notes of the soundtracks of the most renowned movies.

From Mozart to Morricone, from Don Giovanni to Moon River.

A cena con Rossini

A journey through the senses

A unique experience, with an actual culinary and musical event at the same time, organised in collaboration with the structure’s kitchen and chef. It is a dinner prepared with the recipes that Gioachino Rossini loved and that he himself experimented with, describing his passion for food, excellent wine and music.

Actors and singers interact with chefs and sommeliers, performing musical pieces related to Tournedos alla Rossini, Rombo in Wagnerian sauce, and the delicious Petite. The served dishes become an essential part of the evening’s script, in a mix of music, acting and delicious cuisine.

Ensemble: 3 opera singers; one actor, piano (or archicon quartet conductor for larger venues).

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