Unconventional Singer - AMAT

Unconventional Singers, who are they?

The Unconventional Singers were born in 2020, at the height of the pandemic, as an Amat vocal group. After a successful performance of Dallapiccola’s a cappella music in Florence, six friends-colleagues, opera artists, musicians and composers-decided to officially form themselves into a proper group.

With the addition of two new voices, the group reached its final formation of eight elements in all: Costanza Renai, Francesca Lazzeroni, Keren Or Davidovitch, Floriano D’Auria, Claudio Giovani, Matteo Tavini, Tommaso Corvaja, and Dielli Hoxha.

Their music

A versatile, amalgamated and chameleonic ensemble, covering all vocal textures and timbres, eight stage artists, capable of putting themselves on the line with artistry and irony. Together with Concetta Anastasi, the group’s director, composer and arranger, the Singers are working to bring opera singing out of the classical mold, opening up to the contamination of styles and eras and appealing especially to young audiences.

They tackle all kinds of repertoire, reinterpreting it with contemporary eyes: early music, opera, musicals, operetta, with forays into pop, rock and film music.

Their achievements

They collaborate with musical entities in Italy, such as the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Festival, and abroad. Their latest trip saw them perform last May in the U.S. temple of music, New York’s Lincoln Center.

A show conceived and constructed by the Unconventional Singers specifically for the Big Apple, it was a mix of Italian and international music (from Sting to Adriano Celentano, from Trio Lescano to Madonna), most of it arranged by the group to be performed a cappella. In August 2022, the group won the Cover Prize at the “Promote Your Music” Tour Contest organized by La Feltrinelli and Fanya di Croce

The Unconventional Singers project is supported by Mrs. Lilia Bloom and Mr. Barry Bloom to whom we extend our sincere thanks.