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2022 Edition - Closed

Notes on dialogue

Women Composer Competition, Second Edition

The musical compositions of the women composers who participated in the 2022 edition of the Women Composers Competition were freely inspired by the theme of dialogue or – specifically – by the chapter from Valeria La Rocca’s novel Le Ultime (chapter downloadable from the button below).

Winners of the 2022 Women Composers Competition

1) Ingrid Stölzel – Mondspiel

Tied for second place

2) Bracha Bdil – Heterophonia 

2) Akari Komura – Glistening Ray (kintsugi) 

Amat Hub

  • Kaiyi Kao – Jinzhe

Ingrid Stölzel


Bracha Bdil


Akari Komura

Glistening Ray (kintsugi) 

Kaiyi Kao


the femfestival in the form of a dialogue

The focus of the Women Composers Competition 2022 edition was DIALOGUE, which inspired the submitted pieces.

We intend dialogue as the true metaphor of society. It is the only medium that should be exploited and increased to share and coexist among different cultures, peoples and generations. Dialogue covers all spheres of life: from macro-aspects to micro-aspects relating to interpersonal relationships.

Women composers were alternatively or additionally allowed to also submit a composition inspired by the novel Le ultime by Valeria La Rocca, winner of the first edition of the LetteraFutura literary competition, as part of the inQuiete festival.

This proposal arises from the femfestival’s collaboration with the Associazione Mia and in particular with the Lettera Futura literary festival and the Solferino publishing house. The chapter of the book to draw inspiration from is available in Italian, by clicking on the button below.

Who was it aimed at?

The femfestival and the Women Composers Competition 2022 edition was open to all women composers of all ages and nationalities.

The aim of the femfestival is to break down the gender gap within the artistic disciplines, to stimulate dialogue and interaction between different cultures and disciplines, making art and culture more inclusive as possible.

Creativity is feminine.

The femfestival is a project aimed to overcome the gender gap and to enhance the contribution of women in the field of music composition by activating a global and multicultural network of female artists.

It is a musical festival for women composers from all over the world. In the past, little space have women had in composition and conducting, but in recent years this started to change; and it is fundamental that this positive trend continues also in the generations to come.

The planned activities and workshops are also designed to facilitate collaboration between female composers, encouraging the development of multicultural contributions. This year, a scholarship will be offered to an African artist who will be hosted in Florence and participate in the composition laboratory activities. We believe that today, more than ever, it is essential open up cultural frontiers and have the courage to broaden our artistic horizons.

Why participate in the femfestival?

  • Building a global network 
  • Overcoming the gender gap
  • Visibility through social media
  • Interaction with the audience
  • Multicultural workshops
  • Cultural and artistic growth

Femfestival and competition artistic team

Francesca Lazzeroni

mezzo-soprano, choir conductor, choral composer

Concetta Anastasi

composer, pianist, orchestra and choir conductor, professor at the L. Cherubini Conservatory in Florence

Barbara Rettagliati

composer, pianist, professor at the L. Cherubini Conservatory in Florence 

Personal website

"Women Composers" competition Jury - Edition 2022

Concetta Anastasi


Chia Yu Hsu 
USA – Taiwan


Karola Obermuller
USA – Germany


Barbara Rettagliati


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