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the femfestival

"Women Composer" Competition

open to women from all over the world and of all ages

…the competition offers

  • Performance of selected pieces in concert
  • Cash prizes
Registration for the competition closed on 20 July 2021.
If you prefer not to take part in the competition, but would like to send us one of your compositions, you can register for the femfestival digital review.
We want to give voice to those dedicated to the art of composition

    "Women Composers" competition Jury

    Kozhevnikova Ekaterina Vadimovna, Jury President



    Concetta Anastasi


    Caterina Calderoni


    Linda Dusman


    Katharina Nohl


    Barbara Rettagliati 
    Adeline Wong


    Femfestival activities (extra Competition)

    -Online archive: female composers can send their pieces for the creation of an audio archive by Amat. The compositions will be disseminated on social channels and these songs will compete for the prize awarded by the public.

    CoCoLab: female composers, who wish to do, can enrol in the CoCoLab, the experimental Laboratory of collaboration and contamination. It is an activity carried out in presence, at the Amat headquarters, in the period 1-15 November. The registration to the Cocolab, as for the other initiatives, is free of charge. 

    The programme: dates and deadlines

    • February 6, 2021: the “Women Composers” Competition Notice is published.
    • July 20, 2021: closing date for Competition registration.
    • September 30, 2021: the first selection phase ends and the names of the finalists are announced.
    • November 2021: the final concert in presence and the award ceremony are held (Metropolitan City of Florence).

    Why participate in the femfestival?

    • Building a global network
    • Closing gender gaps
    • Visibility through social media
    • Interaction with the audience
    • Multicultural workshops
    • Cultural and artistic growth

    Creativity is feminine.

    The Femfestival is a project aimed to enhance the contribution of women in the field of music composition and at breaking down gender barriers in composition by activating a global and multicultural network of female artists.

    It is a musical festival for women composers from all over the world. Women in composition, as in conducting, have had little space in the past but in recent years the situation has fortunately changed. It is therefore important that this positive trend continues in future generations.

    The planned workshop activities are also designed to facilitate collaboration between female composers, encouraging the development of multicultural contributions. This year, a scholarship will be offered to an African artist who will be hosted in Florence and participate in the composition workshop activities. We believe that today, more than ever, it is essential to open up cultural frontiers and have the courage to broaden our artistic horizons. 

    Femfestival and competition art team

    Francesca Lazzeroni

    mezzo-soprano, choir conductor, choral composer

    Concetta Anastasi

    composer, pianist, orchestra and choir conductor, professor at the Conversatory L. Cherubini of Florence.

    Barbara Rettagliati

    composer, pianist, professor at the Conversatory L. Cherubini of Florence. 

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