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12 July 2021

“Waterloo, il caso e il destino” Tale for actor, orchestra, mezzo-soprano and tambourine

Two hundred years after the death of Napoleon Bonaparte (5 May 1821), the Compagnia della Piuma stages great history with…

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17 June 2021

Estate fiorentina: Street music al parco dell’Anconella

The Unconventional Singers, as part of the "Florentine Summer" (Estate Fiorentina) events organised by the Municipality of Florence, on the…

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16 June 2021

Femfestival, International Women’s Composition Festival

Rebirth, artistic growth, dialogue and multiculturalism: this is the Femfestival, conceived by the Amat team composed of Concetta Anastasi, Francesca…

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What is said about us

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  • Amat and the femfestival narrated by Cristina Giachi, Councillor of the Tuscany Region (RTC), in Rete Toscana Classica. Listen the podcast.ย 
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  • The femfestival told by Barbara Rettagliati, interviewed by Radiotelevisione Svizzera (RSI). Listen to the interview (femfestival at minute 14:20).
  • Radio Rai 3, in the program “Qui comincia” presented by Anna Menichetti, talked about Amat and the femfestival project. Listen to the podcast (femfestival at minute 38).ย 
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