"Waterloo, il caso e il destino" Tale for actor, orchestra, mezzo-soprano and tambourine - AMAT

“Waterloo, il caso e il destino” Tale for actor, orchestra, mezzo-soprano and tambourine



Tale for actor, orchestra, mezzo-soprano and tambourine

Two hundred years after the death of Napoleon Bonaparte (5 May 1821), the Compagnia della Piuma stages great history with an original epic-musical performance by and with Sergio Basile, with texts by Victor Hugo from Les Miserables and music by Nino Rota written for the 1970 film Waterloo.
Waterloo, il caso e il destino (Waterloo, chance and destiny) will be performed on 13th July at 9.30 p.m. as part of the summer festival Estateventi of the Municipality of Siena, in front of the evocative setting of the Facciatone of Siena Cathedral.
This is an unusual work, because it is the result of in-depth literary, historical and musical research, starting with the selection of texts by Basile and ending with the extraordinary work carried out by Concetta Anastasi with the transcription and new orchestration of Rota’s music, the original score of which is no longer in circulation. The orchestra is Amat’s Unconventional Orchestra, made up mostly of young and very young professional musicians.
The various movements of the story intersect the musical ones in a sort of alternation and overlapping where actor, orchestra and singer continuously dialogue; music and words merge into a single epic-emotional block. The protagonist is the drum, which beats out the rhythm of the battle and the narration. The singing of the female voice, interpreted by Francesca Lazzeroni, alternately gives voice to the popular spirit, to patriotic afflatus and finally to the intimacy of a pain that is both collective and personal tragedy.
Eleven thirty-five o’clock: Napoleon attacks on the side of the Belle-Alliance, Marshal Ney goes against the English left wing. It begins…

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