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Femfestival 2023: the finalist composers and the finalist songs


It was not easy to decide the three best pieces for each category of the competition; in recent months the two Juries have examined many valuable pieces and have selected those that stand out for their compositional quality and originality. Time has come, therefore, to communicate the names of the composers and the finalist songs. As for now the order is alphabetical: the ranking will be decided following the concerts.
For the Classical Category (Femfestival Award), the finalists are: MANUEL FERNANDEZ NIETO (Spain), Tulipani, lyrics by Antonia Pozzi; IAN SHAW (UK), I loved you first, lyrics by Christina Rossetti; ALVISE ZAMBON (Italy), A song, lyrics by Maria Guzzon. These pieces will be performed by the Unconventional Singers of Amat, during the concert on November 25th in Florence, at the Murate Art District, in an event presented by Loredana Lipperini and created in collaboration with the Municipality of Florence and the Festival of Rights.
For the Pop Category (Lilia Bloom Award), the finalists are: LOUIS HENN (South Africa), I am nobody, lyrics by Emily Dickinson; RAUL TORRICO (Spain), Once again, lyrics by Josefina Retondo; CHARLES WEST (UK), Talking in their sleep, lyrics by Edith Matilda Thomas. These songs will be performed live at Lincoln Center in New York by the Unconventional Singers in an event created thanks to the generous support and collaboration of Barry and Lilia Bloom, Brett Rush, Jim Med, Jim and Terry Ruddy and Mark Muller. The winner will be proclaimed on that occasion by Les Bider.