Projects - AMAT

The Unconventionals

Amat inaugurates an innovative project to promote music culture among the younger generation. The Unconventional Project has in the name its very essence.

We must overcome the generational barriers through a new and dynamic approach. This is how the two main musical formation of the project are born:

-the UnO (Unconventional Orchestra);

-the Unconventional Singers.

Unconventional Orchestra (UnO)

The Unconventional Orchestra, directed by Concetta Anastasi, consists of about 40 professional musicians, most of whom have less than 35 years old. It made its debut to the public with the 5-episodes web series “ce LA FA RE mo”, which final symphonic concert was broadcasted live on the 30th December 2020.

Scheduled for 2021 there is the participation to Amat’s femfestival and different concerts with various ensembles: wind quintet, string orchestra and other unusual ensembles with unusual repertoires.

All the concerts will be broadcast in live streaming.

Unconventional Singers

Six professional opera singers created an original, well-matched group capable of taking on any type of repertoire, reinterpreting it with contemporary eyes and a touch of irony.

Madrigal, opera, musical, operetta, contemporary music, trespassing into soundtrack and even pop…

Our singers never back down. On the contrary, they revive the challenge with a programme dedicated to the youngest audience.

Compagnia della Piuma

With the conviction that there is no “tradition” without “betrayal”, the Compagnia della Piuma produces shows of musical theater from the contemporary cut.

It organises musical events with a contamination of styles and eras, trespassing into drama and operetta.

Founded in 2014, thanks to the creative drive of Concetta Anastasi, Francesca Lazzeroni and Costanza Renai, it currently consists of a full cast of opera artists, composers, choir and orchestra directors and it collaborates regularly with actors, directors, script and costume designers.

Since its foundation, the Company has never stopped experimenting, searching for new languages, combining opera with different worlds, such as art, fashion, literature and even food and wine.

Amat Lab

Amat inaugurates a new project: an artistic experience for young musicians who want to strengthen their music skills and competence. Masters with long careers and qualified tutors will guide the musicians in a path of artistic growth.

The Lab was born from the idea of some professionals of the Unconventional Orchestra of Amat, looking at a structural problem of our society: the gap between the educational and the working environment. Because of this non-existent dialogue, the step that every student is required to take often turns into a marathon. Amat Lab intends to differentiate itself from other training institutions, proposing itself as a bridge with the working world, giving the opportunity to enter among the ranks of the Unconventional Orchestra or other symphonic, opera, chamber ensembles.

The Lab is an inclusive reality of collaboration and experimentation and is open to all young musicians, as we are convinced that expertice is acquired over time, with a valuable training and work path.

The Lab includes the orchestral section, the ensemble vocal section and other workshops related to the entertainment and music industry, such as creative writing of listening guides, technology, social communication.

Discover the Amat Lab team

Amat Cult

Amat Cult is synonymous with tradition, with the rediscovery of our cultural heritage; this project aims at enhancing and transmitting the Italian and European musical repertoire. 


Innovation is Amat’s pivot, offering new and contemporary performances, but with Cult the focus shifts to our immense musical heritage.

Amat Cult offers opera productions, symphony concerts, but also international music competitions, master classes, training and experiential paths focused on the European music repertoire: a 360° approach to tradition.

Where and how to listen to Amat artists?​

We would like to announce that in June live performances will be back, with unique and exciting appointments. About the next events, we will inform you soon, also on our social channels.

Over the past year, Amat has made its YouTube channel its headquarters, creating a series of live concerts.

Among Amat’s live projects is the “Decamerone Musicale” series, a project for the web inaugurated in January 2021; history, fantasy, Italian literature and actuality come together, to narrate the present with hope for the future, but also with a hint of irony. During the pandemic, a group of musicians and singers, a “brigade” as it were, decides to retreat to a safe haven, away from the noise of the current emergency. There they find a familiar, private place to be together safely and continue to share their passion for music and singing. The brigade performs a different program each time, chosen by rotation by one of the members of the group, as the perfect Boccaccio’s style. 

Many things are brewing, projects and ideas for the short and long term; the Decameron is only the beginning of Amat’s artistic web adventure.