Il canto della balena - AMAT

Il canto della balena


This time the Unconventional Singers will be in Siena, guests of the Natural History Museum, with the concert Il canto della balena, as part of the Accademia dei Fisiocritici‘s “Destatevi! Artistic evenings around the science well”. Beginning at 21.30.
Music and science is a combination that can be interpreted in various ways and involves a surprising number of disciplines, including Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Medicine, Natural Sciences, etc.. Music, in fact, according to classical culture was part of the Quadrivium, together with Arithmetic, Geometry and Astronomy.
The sound universe and the use that living beings make of sound are very important elements. The marine world, veiled by the mystery of the abyss, has always been a source of attraction and at the same time of terror for man. The myths that have arisen over the centuries confirm this: the song of the sirens, as fascinating as it is feared, has a real origin: the sea is in fact pervaded by myriad sounds, mostly produced by animals. By virtue of the medium of transmission, water, they are perceived by the human ear as ‘deformed’ and particularly mysterious signals.
The concert will take place in the presence of Nereo, the skeleton of a fin whale preserved in the courtyard of the Accademia, and will include an anthology for a cappella voices, from the madrigal to contemporary music; at the beginning there will be a demonstration of an example of whale song, created by superimposing various voices.