Work in progress. Young musicians at work. - AMAT Lab

Work in progress. Young musicians at work.


The students of the Liceo Musicale Dante are back and will be the protagonists of this tenth and final episode of the musical Decameron. Tomorrow, March 20, 2022 at 18.00 on the Amat youtube channel we will be able to listen to the performance of 3 pieces performed by the boys who during the previous meeting (Decameron #9) remained behind the scenes to deal with audio-video, lighting and communication. On the contrary, those who were involved in the musical performance last time, in this episode deal with the technical-organisational aspect of the concert. The 16 boys were divided into three teams. For the orchestra, Alfredo Lascialfari (trumpet), Lorenzo Manni (percussion), Carolina Sezzatini (piano), Matteo Michelini (bassoon), Ginevra Miceli (transverse flute), Elsa Bonaduce and Vanessa Martusciello (violin), Sergio Prisco (classical guitar). For video and lighting, Raffaele Cerullo and Lorenzo Conti. For the audio project Jamiro Ferrati, Gianmarco Lenzini and Andrea Stefanini. Directed by Tommaso Bravi. Iman Jouini and Vittoria Di Lorenzo for communication.

Orchestra, technologies (audio-video-lighting) and communication are the three departments of Amat Lab, the training course for the introduction to the professions in the musical theatre sector; with the school-work programme Amat wants to give a “taste” also to very young musicians of what it means to work today in the music and performing arts sector.