Lilia Bloom Award: great concert by the Unconventional Singers at Lincoln Center in New York - AMAT Lab

Lilia Bloom Award: great concert by the Unconventional Singers at Lincoln Center in New York


The Stanley Kaplan Penthouse at Lincoln Center enthusiastically welcomed the finalist songs of the 2023 Femfestival Competition for the Pop Category, performed by the Unconventional Singers of Amat. The event was presented by Les Bider (producer of the major world-famous artists, from Bono to Led Zeppelin, from Dido to Elton John) and sponsored by Lilia and Barry Bloom. During the evening, Les Bider proclaimed the winning song of the Award, Once again, with lyrics by Josefina Redondo, written by Raúl Torrico (Spain). The other finalist songs were also performed: I am nobody, with lyrics by Emily Dickinson written by Louis Henn (South Africa) and Talking in their sleep, with lyrics by Matilda Thomas, by Charles West (United Kingdom). “Special thanks, comment the Singers”, goes to all the American Friends of Amat, who, together with Barry, made this event possible: Leslie and Lynn Bider, Joy and Steve Bunson, Alan Grossman, James and Elaine Mead, Mark and Nora Muller, James and Terry Ruddy, Brett Roush. We would also like to thank the Competition Jury, made up of Les Bider as PresidentSpecial thanks go to the Competition Jury, comprised of Les Bider, President, Fabrizio Basciano, Nando Citarella, Lisa Kant, Alberto Fortis and Concetta Anastasi. We’re immensely grateful for the event’s patron, Barry Bloom, who firmly believes in Amat’s international project The Unconventional Singers. He states: “Lilia Bloom and her family are proud to sponsor The Unconventional Singers and the Femfestival. We congratulate Raúl Torrico in winning the first ever Lilia Bloom Award with his original and beautiful new music. The Bloom Family initially met the singers while visiting Siena two years ago and since then the relationship has brought us immense joy”.