'Festival Tasting Notes' 23: Candlelight harp concert - AMAT

‘Festival Tasting Notes’ 23: Candlelight harp concert


The Tasting Notes’ 23rd Festival continues in Montalcino with a candlelight harp concert by the Balance Duo curated by Amat, inside the evocative Museum Cloister.

Amat is pleased to present to the public at the now second edition of the Festival the Duo formed by Stella Cecchi and Jessica Benvenuti, very young harpists from the Atelier Musicale “Elisa Frandi.” The two musicians demonstrating great musicality, fellowship and passion. perform a repertoire ranging from the authors of the 17th century to the contemporaries and have performed at lesson-concerts, concerts and other types of events.

On the evocative notes of the harps, the audience will enjoy delicacies from the Enoteca Bistrot at the Temple of Brunello.

8 p.m., Temple of Brunello, Montalcino