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The highlight event of AMAT’s Femfestival 2021, entitled “Play” and included in the Festival of Right of the City of Florence, will take place in the Atelier Festa of the Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence.

Speakers of the event will be Cristina Giachi, president of the Culture Commission of the Tuscan Regional Council and Benedetta Albanese, Councillor for Equal Opportunities of the City of Florence.

The Femfestival is supported by the Tuscan Regional Council and sponsored by the City of Florence, Siena and Scandicci and also by the Honorary Consulate of Burkina Faso located in Florence.
The event of November 27th, presented by the journalist, writer and radio host Loredana Lipperini, includes also the participation – in-person or remote – of the finalist composers of the “Women Composers” International Competition. To evaluate the compositions an international jury formed by Ekaterina Kozhevnikova (Russia), Concetta Anastasi (Italy), Caterina Calderoni (Italy), Linda Dusman (USA), Katharina Nohl (Germany), Barbara Rettagliati (Italy-Switzerland), Adeline Wong (Malaysia).

It is no coincidence that the Manifattura Tabacchi opens its doors to this project: it has always been a place of “rebirth”, oriented to a dialogue with the contemporary culture. The Atelier Festa, an evocative space for its modernity and flexibility, will host Amat’s Unconventional Orchestra conducted by Concetta Anastasi, with the solo voices of Federica Cassati and Keren Davidovich.
The finalist competitors are from all over the world and they are Maeng Sooyeon Sara (South Korea), Mozhgan Chahian (Iran), Larisa Shibert (Russia), Cecilia Arditto (Olanda-Argentina), Francesca Gambelli (Italia), Hsu Chia-yu (Taiwan-USA), Yue Song (China-Ireland).
From the Femfestival experience it clearly emerges that nowadays contemporary music cannot be separated from the dialogue between different cultures and from contamination, seen as an enrichment to each own tradition. Women can show the way, with their courage to open up and let themselves be, so to speak, fecundated by different cultures. All this generates something new, which also opens itself to a political and social value, since the multicultural dialogue is capable of generating and bringing peace.
The Femfestival becomes a place, physical and virtual, where different ideas and cultures meet and connect to renew themselves.

With the project management of Francesca Lazzeroni, the event is realized thanks to the collaboration of the Florence Philharmonic “Rossini” and the contribution of the team formed by Concetta Anastasi, Barbara Rettagliati, Costanza Renai, Anna Menichetti, Mattia Giovannini, Lucia Maggi, Tazio Borgognoni, Giuseppe Alessio D’Inverno, Martina Bandieri, Sonia Girardi, Marco Lunghi. The audio-lights project is by Mokke’s backline.

All the details, activities and other events of the Femfestival can be consulted in English or Italian on the website www.amatlab.com and on Amat’ social channels: Facebook: @amat.lab; Instagram: amat.lab. For further information write to info@amatlab.com.